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Monday, 2 November 2020


 As a public service to Canada's Scooter Community we are warning riders and parents NOT to purchase the West 49 "PIVOT" brand scooters. The quality is very bad, durability is non-existent. We have tried to fix several models and find that parts by legit brands will not fit Pivot models. Parts are weak. And West49 can do nothing to fix or repair - they have no parts, no training and workers will not care your scooter is not working. To be clear - we do not allow these scooters in our store for any reason, so please do not bring them to our shop for help, You don't have to buy from Vermin, there are lots of better quality scooters than PIVOT. Purchase a $100 Razor, you will be happier. However - Vermin Scooters has, for 8 years, hand chosen the best scooters in the industry every year.