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Saturday 19 January 2013

Bring Skate Ramps and Rails to your Community

No municipality has enough facilities for scooter, skateboards and bmx biking. Calgary is one of the worst. For years taxpayers have been pleading for more skate parks, and the result has been almost nothing. The facilities we do have are either not kid friendly, or discriminate against scooter riders. Kids are forced to use the street, parkades and sidewalks or travel to other municipalities.

Its time to do something! If the city won't, then go after your local Community Association. Encourage them to buy ramps, rails and boxes that can be used by local kids safely and close to home. Use unused rinks and tennis courts or any paved surface. It isn't very expensive and Associations can start small and build on very year. Put some of the Capital Equipment budget to use keeping local kids safe and active.

We can help! Get ahold of us at Vermin Scooter Shop. We are happy to present our ramps to your CA board and members.