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Saturday 21 February 2015


There is nothing cooler than a mini-scoot - challenging to ride, easy to travel with, amaze your friends, confuse the haters!

VSS is now offering our professional scooter deck shrinking service. We can reduce the size of your deck, you put on the parts you want and SHAZZAM! You have a mini-scoot.


Bring us your deck - clean, no griptape, no parts. Ready to Reduce! Cost is $60 to minimize.

Buy a deck - get a fresh deck in store or online and we will shrink for you - again $60 is the cost.

Service includes cutting the bevels at the sides to allow access to the axle - no curves just straight cuts. We then cut the wheel/brake slot. Drill holes for brake (if needed) and axle.

NOTE: This will likely void the warranty for the deck!