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Thursday 25 January 2018


Everyday we get asked why there are no indoor skateparks for all riders in Calgary. The reason is you. You have not politely but consistently asked for these facilities from the City. At least not enough of you. 2018 can be the year!

What can you do? Write your Ward Councillor - you can find them here: CITY COUNCIL

Also write the Mayor.

Here is what we sent to Ward 11 Councillor Jeromy Farkas:

Hi Jeromy! I am a constituent of yours in Ward 11 – I live in Haysboro. I am also a small business owner – Vermin Scooter Shop. Thanks for all your hard work. To get to the point, I am contacting you to get support for a City involved Indoor Skatepark. The outdoor parks have done very well, with plenty of younger kids using them with scooter, skateboard and bmx. They are always full during nicer weather. However, in the winter kids who use the outdoor parks have nowhere to go unless they go to facilities in other cities or dangerously ride in parkades or abandoned buildings. The solution is for the city to partner with other stakeholders to build at least one indoor park and run it like a rink or pool but with sponsorship by local shops and private donations. Strictly private parks do not last, Calgary and Edmonton have had several over the years but they do not survive despite the need. An easy stopgap would be to use the City’s mobile skatepark equipment which is in storage for the winter and put it in an empty warehouse until a permanent facility is created. Many kids do not ski, snowboard or play hockey or skate in the winter, but are passionate about wheeled sports and deserve safe places to ride. Would love to talk more about this. 

Write every month. Tell your friends to do so. Have the kids send messages in their own words. We can do this.